Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bubbles & Wines - Amsterdam

Bubles & Wines is a wine and champagne bar.

Here the wine and the champagne are the most important products. All of them have a hight quality and you have many options to choose from.

A very good place to true appreciators of quality wine and champagne.

To accompany a great wine, you can choose some bites done with gourmet product and careful presentation, like Kaluga Caviar and Selection of Charcuterie.

You can seat down in a table or if you are alone you can taste your glass in the counter.

Service: Attentive service and efficient.

Ambience: Modern decoration, good lighting and background sound. This space have some class.

Tasting: You can taste some bites that are ideal to accompany your preferred wine or champagne. Good and great selection of wines and champagnes.

Location: Good location, near Dam Square and Central Station.

Strong Points:
- Ambience
- Service
- Location
- The bar
- Good and great selection of wines and champagnes.

Weak Points:
- Price is little high

Friday, October 3, 2014

San Siro Restaurant - Utrecht

A great restaurant in Utrecht.

Has the same name of the stadium of two main football teams of Milan city. And yes, it is a Italian restaurant...but here you have not the main speciality of

You have not pizza, but you can found delicious italian food. The dishes have a good presentation, the ambience is sofisticated and the service is very good.

If you have not reserved a table, you can wait in the bar of restaurant for your table while enjoying a glass. But it is advisable reserve.

Service: Attentive service, efficient and friendly. Well disposed waiters try that you enjoy your meal of the best way.

Ambiance: Sophisticated, dynamic and young environment. Good lighting and background sound. The presentation of dinner tables reveals some class.

Tasting: Italian food but without pizza. You will find meat, fish and pasta dishes. All of them delicious and with good presentation. Good selection of Italian wines.

Location: Good location in City Center. Near of Dom Tower (the tallest church tower in the Netherlands).

Strong Points:
- Ambiance
- Service
- Location
- The bar
- Is possible to do the reserve in the website

Weak Points:
- Is missing a English Menu
- Good wines, but short wine section

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gauchos Grill Restaurant- Utrecht

With that name, it could be a Brazilian restaurant (in Brazil, ga├║cho is also the main demonym of the people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul), but is not. That is a Argentine restaurant.

There are a lot of these restaurants in the main cities of Netherland (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Den Haag and Breda).

The specialties are argentine tender steaks expertly grilled.

Service: Excellent and efficient service. All staff are very friendly, attentive and professional.

Ambiance: Friendly and romantic environment. The restaurant have a terrace in the edge of the main channel of Utrecht (Oudegracht). Inside of restaurant the lighting is perfect and the decoration is rustic.

Tasting: That is a restaurant where the speciality is beef. You can found the very good and tender steaks. There are a selection of Argentine wines split by castes.

Location: Good location in City Center with terrace in front of the main channel.

Strong Points:
- Environment
- Location
- Service
- Closes late

Weak Points:
- Nothing to point

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sirtaki Greek Restaurant - Utrecht

Here you can fly until Greece and feel a good atmosphere. Because it is a Greek restaurant where the staff is greek too.

Service: Not is a perfect service, but is a efficient service. The waiters make an effort for that all things are well.

Ambiance: Friendly environment. Good lighting and background sound make this a very pleasure place. There is a second dinning room in the first floor, but the essence of the restaurant is on the ground floor.

Tasting: The options then between the greek dishes, all of them well presented. Don't have a big wines section, but we can found good greek wines.

Location: Good location in City Center.

Strong Points:
- Environment
- Location